Open Standards

An essential part of openness is implementing, promoting and developing open standards. Oxford Archaeology are exploring open standards and adopting ones that both meet our needs and are truly open i.e. that are in the control of a vendor- or sector-neutral body and that have no costs in adoption. Standards compliant file formats are not only portable in the present day, making them vital for use within a large organisation or for dissemination with other groups, but they are also the only way to guarantee that data produced today will be readable in the future. For archaeologists then, standards compliant file formats are key to both modern practice and future archiving.

In the technology arena, Oxford Archaeology are committed to adopting W3C standards for the web, and Open Document Format (ISO 26300) for office documents. We also support WFS/WMS for serving spatial data, along with other spatial data standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Oxford Archaeology provide more information about Open Document Format to facilitate the reading and writing of documents that are compliant with ISO26300. This information can be found on our ISO26300 page.