Oxford Archaeology has made a commitment to openness in our activities and behaviours. To provide something for you all to hang your hats on, we've created a programme and entitled it "Open Archaeology" as we feel it fits what we want to do like a glove. Open Archaeology need not be constrained to Oxford Archaeology, however; we feel that benefits can be felt by all if we share what we're doing and ask others to join in. We've created this site as a an umbrella project, drawing various elements of Open Archaeology together and acting as a hub for individuals, organisations and institutions that want to be involved. There are three strands to our Open Archaeology programme: Open Source, Open Standards and Open Data.

Check back often, this is just going to grow and grow! Oh, and of course, we are open to suggestions, contributions and even, in moderation, criticism.

Along with openarchaeology.net we also maintain our own launchpad site for software developed under the Open Archaeology auspices. It can be found at the following address: https://launchpad.net/openarchaeology